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Year: 2021 Volume: 1 Issue: 53

Abdullah BADEM
1- Kıtlık Zamanı Ortaya Çıkan Tatlı Bir Türk Ekmeği: Armut Ekmeği

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Abdullah EROL
2- An Analysis of Feminist Approaches in the Context of the Concept of Gender

  Abstract   Detail
3- Use of Utopic and Distopic Images in the Media: Sample Ad Analyzes

  Abstract   Detail
Saim Sabah KENDİR, İbrahim AYDIN
4- Investigation of The Effect of Facebook Ads on Purchase Intention and Toward Attitude to Attractiveness of the Ad

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5- The Praise to the Prophet Muhammad in the Poems of Fuzûlî and Yaman Dede

  Abstract   Detail
6- A Great Depression Focused Approach to The Grapes of Wrath

  Abstract   Detail
Muhammed TUNAGÜR
7- A Review on TSE Pioneer Children's Magazine

  Abstract   Detail
Hikmet Serdar MUTLU
8- A Center in Anatolia Where Medieval Ceramics Are Produced: Samsat

  Abstract   Detail
Emrah PEK
9- Ceramic Design in the Bauhaus Design School Approach

  Abstract   Detail
Işılay KONAK
10- An Evaluation on Completion Methods Applied in Tile and Glazed Brick Repairs

  Abstract   Detail
11- Muslim-Non-Muslim Relations According to Erzincan Shar'iyya Court Registers

  Abstract   Detail
Saliha TANIK
12- The Üsküdar Hurufat Registers and Foundation Works/Waqfs in the Gebze (Gekboze) District (The Hurufat Registers No: 1060-1061-1063-1065-1067-1068)

  Abstract   Detail
Bülent YILDIZ, Dilber Nilay KÜTAHYALI, Ertuğrul ÇAVDAR
13- City Logistics: A Quantitative Research

  Abstract   Detail
Burak ÖKDE
14- Critical and Solution Suggestions to the Decision on Government Aid in Investments in Regional Development

  Abstract   Detail
15- Board Structure Diversity and Intellectual Capital Performance: Dynamic Panel Data Analysis on Borsa İstanbul Firms

  Abstract   Detail
Kürşad Seçkin KARAHAN, Abdurrahman ÇALIK
16- A Situation Analysis Study on Van Organized Industrial Zone

  Abstract   Detail
Sağbetullah MERİÇ, Asef SUBAŞI, Sedat ŞAHİN
17- Glamping Tourism Potential of The Van Lake Basin

  Abstract   Detail
18- The Metaphoric Perceptions of the People of Ahlat Towards the Concept of Ahlat and Tourism

  Abstract   Detail
Mehmet PINAR
19- Reflection of the Coup Attempt in Greece on 1935 Turkish Politics and Press

  Abstract   Detail
20- Republic Day Celebrations in Samsun in the One-Party Period (1934-1950)

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