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Year: 2017 Volume: 1 Issue: Special Issue -4

Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Gül, Prof. Dr. Murat OKCU, Yrd. Doç. Dr. Çiğdem AKMAN, Yrd. Doç. Dr. Elvettin AKMAN, Doç. Dr. Nilüfer NEGİZ, Yrd. Doç. Dr. Hakan M. KİRİŞ
1- What Kind of a Public Administration Education? An Evaluation of the Outcomes of Workshop on Public Administration Education

  Abstract   Detail
Prof. Dr. Hamza Ateş,Aydın Akpınar
2- Performances of Academic Personnel within Public Administration Departments of Turkish Universities: An Evaluation within the Framework of Two Criteria

  Abstract   Detail
Dr. Aziz Belli,Arş. Gör. Abdullah Aydın
3- Effects of Environmental Courses in Department Public Administration Department on Environmental Conscience

  Abstract   Detail
Prof. Dr. Bayram COŞKUN, Araş. Gör. Çiğdem PANK
4- The Relationship between the President and Administrative Structure in the Presidential System and the Evaluations for Turkey

  Abstract   Detail
Doç. Dr. Mehmet GÜNEŞ
5- Future Status of Minister and Vice-Ministers at Presidential System Discussions in Turkey

  Abstract   Detail
Doç. Dr. Ferit İZCİ
6- Changes in the Executive Authority in the New Constitutional Amendment Framework

  Abstract   Detail
Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Gül, Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Özgür, Arş. Gör. Seda Efe
7- Why and What Kind of a Metropolitan Municipality Reform?

  Abstract   Detail
Doç. Dr. Şafak KAYPAK, Öğr. Gör. Vedat YILMAZ
8- The Effects of New Metropolitan Implementations on Local People: Van Example Abstract

  Abstract   Detail
Yrd. Doç. Dr. Yasemin HAYTA, Doç. Dr. Nilüfer A. NEGİZ
9- Transition in Urban Living in Turkey's Experiences of Metropolitan Management: An Examination from a New Metropolitan City Malatya

  Abstract   Detail
Yrd. Doç. Dr. Konur Alp DEMİR
10- The Transformation of Administrative and Political in the Level of Province: An Analysing of Governor and Mayor with Comparative Style

  Abstract   Detail
Öğr. Gör. Dilek TOPCU
11- Law Number 6360 Local Participation Effect of Electronic Access

  Abstract   Detail
Yrd. Doç. Dr. Mehmet Burhanettin COŞKUN
12- The Importance and Status of Migration Integration Policies in Turkish Public Administration

  Abstract   Detail
Yrd. Doç. Dr. Hazal Ilgın BAHÇECİ, Şenol UZUN
13- International Migration and Local Politics in Turkey

  Abstract   Detail
Prof. Dr. Ali KAYA, Arş. Gör.Damla MURSÜL
14- Transformation of Civil Services as Part of The Digital Turkey Project

  Abstract   Detail
İbrahim YILDIZ, Kerem DÖNMEZ
15- The Effects of Syria Migration on Turkey’s Social Security Policies

  Abstract   Detail
Prof. Dr. A. Baran DURAL, Bahriye ESELER
16- Status of Romanı People in Local Administration Mechanisms as a Disadvantaged Group: Tekirdağ and Bandırma Samples

  Abstract   Detail
Prof. Dr. Veysel EREN, Muzaffer BİMAY
17- Process of Decision Making in Municipalities: Example of Batman

  Abstract   Detail
Yrd. Doç. Dr. Tuğba YOLCU
18- An Important Actor in Turkey's Democratization Adventure: Women

  Abstract   Detail
Doç. Dr. Esra Banu SİPAHİ
19- A Research on the Risk Perception of the Urban Dwellers in Turkey

  Abstract   Detail
Doç. Dr. Şafak KAYPAK, Muzaffer BİMAY
20- The Role of Civil Society Organizations in Decision Makıng Process in Local Government

  Abstract   Detail
21- The Role of Social Media in Participatory Public Service Delivery: An Assessment through Universities

  Abstract   Detail
Prof. Dr. Hamza ATEŞ, Handan DİNÇ GÜZEL
22- Approaches of Left-Wing Parties to Publıc Administration in Turkey

  Abstract   Detail
Doç. Dr. Uğur Sadioğlu
23- Policies of the Political Parties on the Public Administration Reform: A Sample of the Member of Parliament (MP) General Elections in 2015

  Abstract   Detail
Araş. Gör. İmren Pınar DÜLGAR
24- On the Method of Personnel Reform: To Broaden Angle of Lens

  Abstract   Detail
Araş. Gör. Meryem Çakır KANTARCIOĞLU
25- Binding to Context of Regionalization: Is It Possible to Imagine a New Regionalization Approach?

  Abstract   Detail
Araş. Gör. İlkay Tosun
26- Internal Audit in Turkey: Content, Practice and Future

  Abstract   Detail
Araş. Gör. Recep Fedai
27- Effects of Decree Laws and Bag Laws on the Public Administration

  Abstract   Detail
Araş. Gör. Erol Uğraş ÖÇAL
28- A Short Assessment of the Neo-liberal Transformation in Local Governments

  Abstract   Detail
Araş. Gör. Şulenur ÖZKAN ERDOĞAN
29- A Forgotten Unit for Participation in Decision-Making, Practice and Control Processes: Neighborhood Authority

  Abstract   Detail
Prof. Dr. Abdullah ÇELİK, Arş.Gör. Ömer Faruk BİLBAY
30- The Importance of Ethical Values in Services Offered by Municipalities

  Abstract   Detail

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