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Year:2022 Volume: 1Issue: 55Area: Liberal arts

Hasan ���EK
The Art of Education: From Pedagogy to Andragogy
Throughout history, humanity has experienced the importance of education for people and society. For this reason, many thinkers expressing education as an art to explain the importance and value of it. As it is known, at an almost universal level, the concept of pedagogy is used instead of education or in the sense of education. However, there are those who do not adopt this approach. For example, educational scientist Malcolm S. Knowles, known for his numerous academic and scientific studies on adult education, refers to pedagogy as �The Art and Science of Teaching Children� and to andragogy as �The Art and Science of Adult Teaching�. From this point of view, pedagogy and andragogy constitute two different dimensions of �the art of education� which Kant articulated two hundred years ago. Therefore, we can see the two understandings or meanings as different levels of the art of education. In any case, both become art when rendered to their due worth. According to adult educators, the educational process which differs as pedagogy and andragogy, should be considered, programmed, and implemented separately for children and adults. In the educational process of individuals before adulthood, pedagogical research and theories should be decisive; for adults, andragogy should come into play. We can see andragogy as adult education and/or art. Andragogy is a theory shaped according to the characteristics of adults and has its own operational elements. In this paper, the concepts of pedagogy and andragogy will be clarified and the place of andragogy in the education system will be examined.

Keywords: _Education, Educational Art, Pedagogy, Andragogy, Child, Adult_

E�itim Sanat�: Pedagojiden Andragojiye
Yeti�kin e�itimi konusunda �ok say�da akademik ve bilimsel �al��mayla tan�nan e�itimbilimci Malcolm S. Knowles pedagojiyi, ��ocuklara ��retme Sanat� ve Bilimi�; andragojiyi de �yeti�kinlerin ��retme Sanat� ve Bilimi� olarak ifade eder. Bu zaviyeden bak�nca pedagoji ve andragoji, Kant��n iki y�z y�l �nce dile getirdi�i e�itim sanat�n�n iki farkl� boyutunu ol��turmaktad�r.

Anahtar Kelimeler: E�itim, E�tim Sanat�, Pedagoji, Andragoji, Yeti�kin

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